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Showdown at Evil High -- Christine Wall

The Fog -- Out Now!

In 2045 the city of Washington D.C. is a very different place. Riddled with crime, the brave detectives fight criminals, terrorists and a phenomenon that threatens to destroy the world – The Fog. All consuming and relentless it devours people and buildings, a natural anomaly with the destructive strength of ten tornados.

Or is it? For Detectives Lainey Turner and Jack Callahan their relentless pursuit of a terrorist named Damian leads them into a mystery that will change their future forever. Brought together by hate but destined for love, these soul mates are forced to into an impossible situation, sacrifice their future to save the world from Damian and The Fog.



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I watched the scene replay in his eyes. His voice lowered and his body tensed. “Worse. He tortured them both. For three hours he used them as lab rats and me as a stooge. By the time he was done, they weren’t human anymore.”

“God. Why? What did he want?”
“The pleasure of our company, he said. The chance to get to know the fine detectives of Washington D.C.”

His voice dropped to a whisper. “I promised him everything under the sun to stop their screams. I don’t know what he did to them but it wasn’t any torture technique that I had seen. It was like they had been torn apart, from the inside out.”

After he cleared his throat, he continued. “It was brutal, deliberate, and sadistic. He’s a bona fide psychopath and he’s mine.”

I leaned against the chimney and stared at him. “What about the whole religious zealot thing?”

Callahan shook his head and faced me. “Beat’s me. That’s new. He didn’t graduate to fully deluded wacko until a couple of years ago.” He paused, and I expected him to continue but instead a sickening look crossed his face.

“What is it?” I asked as I looked around. Nothing around us had changed. In the distance, I could hear the sirens of our approaching backup.

“That sound, that humming sound.” His voice died away to nothing. His face blanched and just for a second, I saw the confidence bleed away.

“I don’t hear anything. Callahan, are you okay?” I asked. He tapped his communicator and shook his head.

“Yeah, Jack, what’s up?” asked Winters.

“Wherever you are, run!”

“Jack, what’s going on?”

“Fog!” he shouted back.

“Which direction, Jack?” I could hear his communicator starting to crackle.

“Front of the building! Get to the front of the building!”

I looked back and heard the sickening sound. The Fog always announced itself with one loud blast, sounding like a long note held from a tuba.

Within seconds, the sunny day vanished. The light disappeared, and a massive wall of gray appeared behind our rooftop. I gaped and stared up in shock. The wall stretched up into the sky, so immense that the oozing motion of the clouds made me nauseous. The Fog moved and pulsed like it was alive. My stomach dropped and for a moment I felt my body freeze with fear. Forcing myself to move, I glanced at Callahan and started running for the roof door. He grabbed me and swung me around.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“We have to warn the people! There are people in the other apartments,” I said.

He lunged and dragged me to the building’s edge. “It’s too late. They’re already dead!”



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