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Surviving the Smiit of Good and Evil -- Christine Wall
Surviving the Summit of Good and Evil

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The Fog -- Christine Wall
The Fog

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Christine Wall PictureGosh I hate writing about myself! What can I say that another person would find remotely interesting? I have a canned bio and it’s boring, so here’s me talking.

Born in Winnipeg, Canada and now living in Toronto. I am the quintessential Sci Fi geek, having grown up with no cable and only the movies of George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and rabbit ears via the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) - Doctor Who as role models.

I love writing stories that are a bit outside the realm of normal. Whether it’s that group of teenagers thrown into worlds of the fantastic that they never knew existed, or the brooding, drop dead handsome hero called out of retirement to help save the world... and a heroine or two along the way.

Personally, I am a milk chocolate fanatic, lover of junk food and do my part to support vegetarians by never touching a vegetable and leaving all plants for them. I also exhibit A type characteristics that I would totally push onto other people if I weren’t too lazy to get off the couch and all my friends know to come to me for heartfelt if not somewhat sarcastic advice.

I stand for truth, justice and the American way (sorry fellow Canadians but I love their culture too), hate ignorant people and am a true friend for life. If you need someone to give you an honest answer, not a popular one, then I am your girl. Still interested in contacting me? Shoot me an email or a tweet and I will be glad to write you back. :0)

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